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Kaltura- Moderation feature not working for Kaltura Channels and Kaltura Media Galleries within Canvas (RESOLVED)

Posted: 13:04:17, Tuesday, Jul 13, 2021   Expiration: 08:50:54, Monday, Jul 26, 2021  

Some Kaltura users are missing the "pending" tab from Channels and Galleries.

Resolved 7/26/21.

As of 7/5/21, Kaltura is experiencing a known issue with moderating Kaltura Channels and Kaltura Media Galleries, where the Pending tab is not visible, preventing approval/rejection of submitted videos.

Learn@UW-Madison is aware of the issue and has reported it to Kaltura, who have investigated but not produced a viable fix yet.

For a workaround or more information, please see [Link for document 112342 is unavailable at this time]

-- Learn@UW-Madison: Andrew Mueller

Created: 22:28:04, Monday, Jul 12, 2021 (by Andrew M.)
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