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Power failure causes outage of UW services. (Monday, 3:00 pm)

Posted: 19:00:00, Saturday, Jun 17, 2006   Expiration: 19:00:00, Sunday, Jun 18, 2006  

Sunday's power outage has been resolved.

Yesterday at 4:15p the Campus suffered a power outage to the buildings served by the Charter Street substation. Unfortunately that includes Computer Science and DoIT. Our UPS handled the data center load but was drained by 5:35p (a time which is in line with the expectations for the system). Power was subsequently restored to the building by 6:40p but it was not until 8:30p that we had sufficient cooling and enough stable power to begin to restore our network, our enterprise storage and then subsequently our many campus and UW systems services. By 3:00a most systems were back on line, although we experienced severe problems beyond that time with a few systems as a result of the power outage and subsequent restart. Among those were WiscCal, MyWebspace and our Library Hub for UW System.

Everything was restored by mid-morning today.


As of 9:30 AM, WiscCal service was restored.
Outstanding issues include the Library System Library hub which provides library services for Green Bay, Platteville, Superior & Green Bay.


As of 8:45 AM, the password authentication system was fully restored allowing access to many systems.


The UW Physical Power Plant experienced a power failure at approx. 4:30pm this afternoon. The power failure caused outages of all UW services, including the campus network, WiscMail, MyUW, and a system-wide Learn@UW(D2L) outage. Technologists have been working all evening to restore services, and as of 12:00am they were beginning to bring up services again. We thank you for your patience as we resolve this problem.

-- DoIT Communications

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