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Win98 and ME to be rolled off the end of June...

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Help Desk to end support for Windows 98 and ME
Following is an announcement sent out 6 months ago to campus and posted on DoIT news sites while also being printed in a few articles circulating around campus:

Effective June 30, 2006, the DoIT Help Desk will end support for Windows 98 and ME (Millennium Edition).

This coincides with the date on which Microsoft intends to end support for Windows 98/ME and discontinue software updates for these older operating systems (for details, see the Microsoft site). Microsoft will provide online self-help documentation for Windows 98/ME until at least June 30, 2007, although this online resource will eventually be removed. The Help Desk will also retain some self-help documentation for Windows 98/ME users. Finally, when Microsoft ends support for Windows 98/ME, it will discontinue development for components (such as Windows Media Player) for these versions of Windows.

Windows 98/ME still generates a considerable number of support calls at the DoIT Help Desk. When Microsoft ends support, however, the Help Desk will find it increasingly difficult to provide support. Maintaining security is another important issue. After the termination date, Microsoft will no longer issue security patches for Windows 98/ME. Any computer connected to the campus network without proper security patches presents a security risk and may be disconnected.

The DoIT Help Desk, Tech Store and Showroom can help Windows 98/ME users update to Windows XP (our currently recommended Windows operating system). DoIT can assess the ability of current hardware to run Windows XP and recommend new computer systems to fit specific needs and budgets. DoIT staff can also help users purchase components for their current computer to enable it to run Windows XP.

For more information, contact:

DoIT Help Desk 264-HELP (4357) help@doit.wisc.edu
Tech Store Showroom 264-SHOW (7469) showroom@doit.wisc.edu

Microsoft Official URL:

-- Jeff Wiltzius

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