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Resnet Users Need to Read Copyright Infringement Notice and Reregister Computer

Posted: 11:42:29, Friday, Mar 16, 2007   Expiration: 11:42:29, Sunday, Mar 18, 2007  

Resnet users will need to read a statement about RIAA copyright infringement and go through NetReg.

Resnet is requiring all users to read a statement about copyright infringement before they will be able to access the network. When Resnet users open their browser, they will be presented with the message. Once they have read it, they will need to check the box at the bottom of the form indicating they have read the statement, and then log in with their NetID and password. They may need to reboot their computer to gain access. Another common question will be "Did the email target me personally?" No this email is sent for information to ALL students, faculty and staff. No individual person has been notified. The university will ONLY notify the individual if subpeoned.

-- Caitlin Tefft (MUM)

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