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STUDENTS: Why can't I see my Learn@UW course?

Posted: 07:00:00, Thursday, Sep 2, 2010   Expiration: 08:00:00, Friday, Sep 9, 2011  

There are a few reasons why you might not see a course in Learn@UW:

1. Instructor has not yet activated their Learn@UW course for student access. (Instructors sometimes overlook this step, so please check with them prior to calling the Help Desk.)

2. You just registered for the course. Learn@UW updates its registration data once per day during the wee hours of the morning. Please wait until the following morning around 7am for this process to complete.

3. Instructor is not using Learn@UW for the course. Instructors have many options for the online components to their course, assuming they want to use online resources.

If you have considered all the above options and believe a different problem exists, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

-- Jeff Bohrer

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