Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on Monday, Oct 8, 2007. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

IMS Upgrade on October 7, 2007 Affects 3270 Transactions

Posted: 01:00:00, Monday, Oct 8, 2007   Expiration: 01:00:00, Thursday, Oct 11, 2007  

Several administrative applications that you may be using are affected by an IMS upgrade on DoIT’s mainframe.

The final IMS cutover occurred on Sunday morning, October 7th, after extensive testing by DoIT staff and their functional partners. Examples of affected 3270 transactions include applications for accounting, budget, HR, payroll, and RSP.

The cutover is now complete. While we believe we have tested thoroughly and we don’t anticipate any problems, we encourage all 3270 users to contact the DoIT Help Desk at 608-264-4357 (264-HELP) to report any problems.

-- Barbie Stimpson - Mainframe Upgrade Testing Coordination Project Manager

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