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LearnUW experiencing difficulties

Posted: 08:00:53, Tuesday, Oct 9, 2007   Expiration: 05:25:56, Monday, Oct 15, 2007  

Starting at about 10:45am today, Oct. 12, 2007, customers started experiencing slowness, inability to login, server cache errors.

We experienced similar short outages of about 10 minutes each throughout the day. The vendor is researching the problem. Until we have a solution, there is the potential of again experiencing these short outages. We have checks in place that as soon as the app server monitor notices that the caching service is down for 1 or more app servers, an automatic re-start of caching will happen within 10 minutes for those servers. Whether we re-start the cache service manually, or it is automatically re-started, the outage is short, no more than 10 minutes, for this type of problem.

-- Hildy Feen

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