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Hyperion Foundation Performance Issues Today

Posted: 04:59:57, Monday, Nov 5, 2007   Expiration: 04:59:57, Tuesday, Nov 6, 2007  

Update: Hyperion was offline from ~3:20PM - ~4:30PM. It should now be up and running while technologists continue to monitor the system.

Due to the Hyperion upgrade Sunday, November 4th, individuals accessing the system today need to download and reinstall the Insight Plug-In. This is creating performance issues and inconsistent behavior across the system.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as the Hyperion system works to sustain the increased load today.

If you are experiencing problems downloading the new version of the Insight plug-in, please attempt the download and installation at a non-peak time. The old version of the plug-in will continue to work in the short-term, although with limited functionality.

You can decrease your download time for the plug-in by NOT selecting the option to install Help or Fonts. Not selecting these options will not affect your ability to use the system.

  • If you choose not to install help files then, when you select Help, the system will use the online version of Help rather than Help files installed on your computer.
  • If you choose not to install fonts, then the Hyperion Foundation will use the system fonts on your computer.

We expect Hyperion performance to return to normal as demand for the new version of the Insight plug-in decreases.

-- FASTAR Team

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