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Learn@UW - Service Issues for Summer, 2008

Posted: 11:15:29, Monday, Jul 7, 2008   Expiration: 11:15:29, Friday, Aug 29, 2008  

We have been experiencing occasional errors on the app servers. These errors can affect all campuses using Learn@UW/D2L. During these events, customers can potentially have the following problems: timeout (500) errors; server outofmemory errors when logging in; invalid connection errors; slow performance.

Since the recovery time is normally less than 15 minutes, if you experience any of the afore mentioned problems, try accessing Learn@UW again after waiting several minutes. (Note that this type of error normally affects one server at a time. However, I also included some outages that were longer and were attributed to other causes).

The dates and times of the outages are:

Date Time
July 21 11:04-11:44am for one UWS server
July 7 3:12-3:29pm for one UWS server
July 7 1:48-3:00pm for one UWS server
July 2 6:45-7:36am for UWS servers
July 1 3:27-5:10pm for one UWS server
July 1 11:02am for one UWS server
July 1 5:18-7:37am for UWS servers
June 10 3:15-3:55pm for UWS and UWM servers

-- Hildy Feen

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