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Learn@UW Service Issue - Tuesday, 10/21/08 - RESOLVED

Posted: 10:38:14, Tuesday, Oct 21, 2008   Expiration: 11:00:29, Thursday, Oct 23, 2008  

Starting at about 3:10pm today, we noticed problems with logging into Learn@UW - after a wait, you get a 500 error. In addition, our monitoring is displaying alerts for several of the app servers for both UWS and UWM.

The problem was resolved around 4:13pm. The issue was due to a campus problematic LDAP server. The unsuccessful logins were flooding the authhub. We dis-connected the LDAP server from the authhub, and re-started IIS on all of the app servers to clear the asp queues.

-- Learn@UW Utility

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