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Changes to Mainframe TPX and NTX menus

Posted: 05:48:22, Tuesday, Oct 28, 2008   Expiration: 05:48:22, Monday, Nov 10, 2008  

The TPX menu was updated during the maintenance outage on Sunday, November 2nd to remove some of the outdated menu options. The NTX menu will be changed in similar fashion in the near future.

Several options have been removed from the TPX menu; for example, the items crossed out in this screenshot. NTX is being prepared for a similar edit (click for large).
TPX Menu

These changes are cosmetic; none of the menu options removed from TPX are still in use, nor are any slated for removal from NTX. Likewise, the mapping of PF Keys to menu options (e.g. F3 for access to IMSVS) is not affected. A complete table of the menu options, indicated which ones will and will not remain, is included here: Table of Mainframe Menu Edits.

-- Help Desk - EAST Team

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