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New updates to Learn@UW course pages

Posted: 04:06:05, Friday, Dec 26, 2008   Expiration: 04:06:05, Thursday, Jan 22, 2009  

We've added a few new widgets to course home pages including Updates and Learn@UW Service News for Learn@UW-Madison courses.

These new widgets will appear on any Learn@UW course that utilizes the default course home page. If an instructor has modified their course home page, the instructor will have to manually add these new widgets if desired.

The Updates widget provides a quick glance at important updates to a Learn@UW course. For students, it will show new quizzes and discussion messages. For instructors, it will display quizzes to be graded, new dropbox submissions, and unread discussion messages.

Unfortunately, at this time the Updates widget does not show when new items are posted to the Content area.

This new widget has been added based on feedback from students and instructors. Our hope is that this tool helps students and instructors save a little time in Learn@UW.

Additionally, a new Feedback widget provides an opportunity to send your comments to the Learn@UW team, and a new Help widget conveniently displays ways to get help with Learn@UW. (We have even displayed the "Course OU Number" in the Help widget which should make for more efficient technical support if you need it.)

As always, we welcome your feedback on Learn@UW (submit comments).
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-- Jeff Bohrer

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