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Email to students about 1098-T forms

Posted: 07:29:48, Tuesday, Dec 30, 2008   Expiration: 07:29:48, Monday, Jan 26, 2009  

An email will be sent to students from UW System on how to get their 1098-T forms within the first 2 weeks of January, this is an official email. For details, and a copy of this email click this link:

  • Students will receive advance notice of the mailing.
  • The email will come from uwsa.edu and will be digitally signed.
  • Reminder emails will be sent on Tues/Thurs from Jan 12th-23rd.
  • All students will need to create a new member login on the GetMyDocuments site.
  • Students will not be required to authenticate by entering their full SSN.
  • Students will have until Friday, January 23rd, 2009 to retrieve their documents from the GetMyDocuments.com website.
  • For students that do not view their documents online or are uncomfortable doing so, printed documents will be mailed to them starting Feb 2nd, 2009.
The coordination of this mailing is handled by UW System Administration.

Copy of the email to be sent:

Subject: 2008 1098T Tax form from UW xxxxxx.

Dear {XXXXX},

Your University of Wisconsin campus recently sent you an e-mail telling you to expect this e-mail providing a link to your 1098T tax form.

The 2008 1098T tax form contains important tax information related to tuition and other information for calendar year 2008 which may be needed to complete your tax return and obtain Federal and State tax benefits.

Your 2008 1098-T tax form from the University of Wisconsin is now available for viewing/downloading online.

To view the document, please go to the UAS site: https://www.getmydocument.com and follow the instructions to get to your document. Because of a change to a new platform, everyone will need to complete the New Member form to create an online account.

For information regarding downloading your form, please contact UAS at the phone number provided below. For information regarding the data on your 1098T form, please contact your UW campus Bursar's Office.

If you have questions about the authenticity of this electronic communication, this email has been digitally signed. You can check the authenticity of the digital signature. Alternatively, feel free to contact your UW campus Bursar's office or your campus IT helpdesk for affirmation that this email is legitimate.

Thank you,

University Accounting Service LLC
(800) 756-4311

-- Help Desk

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