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Learn@UW/D2L - UW System Upgrade Schedule (3/18 - 3/19/09) Completed

Posted: 11:44:13, Monday, Mar 16, 2009   Expiration: 03:00:00, Saturday, Mar 21, 2009  

Learn@UW has been upgraded to the latest version of the Desire2Learn software, 8.3.1 MR2. The service was unavailable for all UW System campuses (except UW-Milwaukee) users starting at 10:00pm on Wednesday (3/18) through 10:15am on Thursday (3/19).

UW System users (except UW-Milwaukee) who attempted to access the service during this time frame would have received notification of the upgrade. Batch integration processing was suspended during this time frame for all Learn@UW campuses.

-- Learn@UW Utility

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