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Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) - Updated version of Norton available for Snow Leopard

Posted: 10:20:33, Friday, Aug 28, 2009   Expiration: 04:02:56, Wednesday, Sep 23, 2009  

A compatibilty issue had been found with Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition v11 and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). This issue has since been resolved by an update to Norton.


Version 11.0.3 of Norton Antivirus should resolve the issues with Auto Protect which were described below. Users of Norton Antivirus should run Live Update to update to the newest release. To run Live Update, see [Link for document 4509 is unavailable at this time]

Description of issue

During internal testing, it has been found that Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition v11 does not always function correctly with Apple OSX 10.6. Installation will complete but upon reboot two error windows appear stating that Auto Protect cannot turn on. The user can manually turn on Auto Protect in the settings window but upon reboot the error message will reappear and Auto Protect will be turned off.

See [Link for document 12055 is unavailable at this time] for additional information about other compatibility issues.

-- DoIT Help Desk

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