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Kronos Version 6 released to campus on September 27, 2009

Posted: 02:59:59, Monday, Sep 28, 2009   Expiration: 05:21:27, Monday, Sep 28, 2009  

Kronos has undergone an update from Version 5 to Version 6. Kronos Version 6 processing began at 10:30 am on Sunday September 27, 2009.

Kronos 6 makes available both an HTMLonly method of accessing Kronos as well as the traditional JRE-based client. The update also eliminates paper submission for approval of timesheets; all timesheets must be approved electronically after September 26, 2009.

Java access to Kronos Version 6 is now available at https://mytime.wisc.edu/wfc/logon.

The new HTMLonly access to Kronos Version 6 is now available at https://mytime.wisc.edu/HTMLonly.

Additional Information

Some particularly helpful documents have been listed below. Additional information about the new version of Kronos can be found by searching for Kronos documents in the DoIT Help Desk's Knowledge Base.

  • [Link for document 12084 is unavailable at this time.]
  • [Link for document 12089 is unavailable at this time.]
  • [Link for document 12150 is unavailable at this time.]: Java doesn't automatically update, follow this doc to update Java Runtime Environment

-- DoIT Help Desk

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