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Campus may be receiving large number of auto-dialed, unsolicited calls

Posted: 12:01:46, Friday, Dec 4, 2009   Expiration: 12:01:46, Friday, Dec 11, 2009  

A number of people on campus and in other state agencies are receiving robocalls (auto-dialed calls). The Department of Administration (DOA) is checking into this issue.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to block specific phone numbers from being able to call campus phone numbers and there is no way to otherwise control incoming calls. If you receive a voice mail resulting from one of these autocalls, you can delete them by pressing 33 and then 7. If you have EVM set up and they accumulate, you can delete all voicemails in the mailbox using the "Delete All" link in the EVM notification. Note that this will remove all messages, including potentially legitimate voice mails.

This may be occurring because there is a new no-call list starting up and telemarketers have downloaded a new business list.

-- DoIT Help Desk

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