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Student Center - SQL errors when accessing Student Center on some computers

Posted: 08:31:11, Friday, Dec 18, 2009   Expiration: 08:31:11, Friday, Dec 25, 2009  

Some students may be unable to access the Student Center following an update to the Student Center that occurred the weekend before Monday, December 14. These students may receive SQL errors if they are using a computer running a non-English version of Windows.

This error is being investigated by the Student Center technologists. While the bug is being investigated, students who encounter these errors will need to either change the language in Windows to English or use an English language Windows computer. See [Link for document 12916 is unavailable at this time.] for more information.

If you are still unable to access the Student Center after following the steps given in [Link for document 12916 is unavailable at this time.], you should contact the DoIT Help Desk for further assistance.

-- DoIT Help Desk

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