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e-Reimbursement - Expense report processing may be delayed between June 30 and July 6, 2010

Posted: 03:00:00, Friday, Jun 25, 2010   Expiration: 19:00:01, Tuesday, Jul 6, 2010  

Expense reports submitted between June 30 and July 6, 2010 may take a few additional days before the payment reaches the traveler’s bank account.

Payments for travel and expenses submitted through e-Reimbursement typically take 3-5 business days once the expense report has been fully approved but, the combination of the 2010 fiscal year end, furlough days, and the July 4 legal holiday may postpone e-Reimbursements payments.

More information about this delay (including a timeline of year-end events) can be found within a memo published by Accounting Services.

Additionally, users of e-Reimbursement may notice unusual behavior on June 30 due to a temporary pause to e-Reimbursement workflow. This pause is required for processing at the end of the fiscal year. Users of e-Reimbursement may notice that Expense Reports submitted during this workflow pause may not appear at the approver or auditor levels during this pause. However, these expense reports should be routed correctly after workflow is unpaused.

-- DoIT Help Desk - Enterprise Application Support Team

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