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ISIS and SFS outage Sunday 2/17

Posted: 09:17:57, Friday, Feb 15, 2002   Expiration: 09:17:57, Friday, Feb 15, 2002  

Due to PeopleTools software upgrade from v7.61.06 to v7.62, on Sunday (2/17) ISIS will be unavailable from 6am to 12pm and SFS and SFQA will be down from noon to 5pm.

ISIS will be unavailable on Sunday, February 17th (6am-12pm) due to PeopleTools from v7.61.06 to v7.62.

The outage on February 17th will require a client re-install. Your favorites should be preserved through this upgrade.

SFS and SFQA will also be down on Sunday, Feb. 17th, from noon to 5 PM. The server, psfin-nt1, will have its PeopleTools software upgraded from 7.61.06 to 7.62. Also, a bug fix and several hardware and operating system patches will be applied.

NVisions scheduled to run during this time will be stopped at noon.

After the upgrade, an automatic switch-to will occur the next time you log on. For those with Favorites, you might want to go to "Start/Peoplesoft/Utilities/Save Favorites" and save your favorites to a file before you log on.

-- Kathy Gleeson/Dale Lucier

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