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Voice Mail EVM Service Change Announcement

Posted: 09:23:05, Friday, Jul 2, 2010   Expiration: 09:23:05, Friday, Jul 9, 2010  

Enabled Voice Mail (EVM) will require the use of WiscVPN to delete voice messages using the link the EVM messages and to access the EVM website.

Effective Wednesday (July 7th) at 8:00 PM, you will no longer be able to 1) use the EVM delete link or 2) access Enabled VoiceMail (EVM) at https://evm.doit.wisc.edu from off campus unless you connect through WiscVPN.

As long as you are on campus, or if you are off campus with a WiscVPN session active, the EVM service will continue to work as usual with no changes in functionality. EVM delivery emails with voice messages attached, and EVM notification emails will continue to be sent to the email address of your choice – on or off campus.

This security precaution is necessary until replacement to the EVM service is rolled out this fall.

-- DoIT Voice Services

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