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ISIS Upgrade Completed

Posted: 02:14:35, Tuesday, Jul 6, 2010   Expiration: 02:14:35, Tuesday, Jul 13, 2010  

The ISIS production environment has been successfully upgraded and service restored. The new version introduces several new features, detailed here.

New Browser Requirements

After the upgrade, browser requirements for ISIS will become more stringent, requiring at least Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5, or Safari 3.x or 4. For a detailed list of which browsers and platforms are supported for ISIS usage, please see SIS/ Faculty Center - Recommended Browsers.

Changes to Bookmarks

Upon restoration of service, ISIS users may need to create a new bookmarks to access the service. To create a new bookmark for ISIS, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to http://isis.wisc.edu.
  2. Click "Log On To ISIS".
  3. Bookmark the current page.

Alternatively, users can also bookmark the following URL: https://portal.isis.wisc.edu:7022/user/signon.html.

New Features

This update provides several new features.

A summary of these features can be found here: http://isis.wisc.edu/training/uploads/ISIS_new_features_v9pt85.doc

An online demonstration of these features can be found here: http://registrar.wisc.edu/isis_helpdocs/ISIS_Web_Based_Training/

-- Benjamin Moderson-Kox

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