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Adobe Connect - Known Issue May Prevent Access to Meetings *UPDATED TO RESOLVED*

Posted: 04:12:55, Tuesday, Oct 5, 2010   Expiration: 04:12:55, Tuesday, Oct 12, 2010  

This issue has been resolved as of 10/11/10. Meetings need to be regularly closed to reset the meeting guest cache to prevent a known bug resulting in the following alert, "User limit for this meeting has been exceeded" and will block users from entering or re-entering the meeting. Adobe has been notified and is working on a fix for this problem.

This is now listed as a "known issue" and will be addressed with future patches. The problem is caused by users leaving meetings without first closing their Connect sessions, and by meeting rooms not being closed for extended periods of time.

Users need to close their sessions before they exit their browsers, and hosts should not to leave meeting rooms open that aren't in use. Ending a meeting from the Meeting menu with "End meeting..." is the recommended procedure.

Ending and re-opening a meeting that displays the limit warning may work to quickly flush the user count, but this is not guaranteed.

Ending meetings at the end of each session should be considered a best practice .

-- Adobe Connect Team

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