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Clarify outage (04/05@5PM to 04/08@8AM)

Posted: 2002-04-05 05:44:37   Expiration: 2002-04-05 05:44:37

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2002-04-05 05:44:37. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Clarify will be upgraded this weekend and therefore unavailable from 5 PM on Friday (04/05) to (on or before) 8 AM on Monday morning (04/08).

We will be upgrading the entire Clarify case-tracking system at DoIT to version 10.1 this coming weekend.

Clarify will be down 5:00 PM Friday April 5 to 8:00 AM Monday April 8 while the Clarify (eFrontOffice) applications are upgraded.

Regardless of circumstances, fallback or not, we expect to be operational again on Monday morning.

NOTE: Please be sure to LOG OUT of Clarify, and do NOT attempt logins for the entire weekend !

Also, if you have already installed the Clarify 10.1 native client, do not use it till AFTER we've successfully completed and announced the Clarify server upgrade.

This Clarify upgrade is Change # 1769 in DoIT's Change Information System (CIS) calendar.

I have also posted an announcement on the Help Desk's campus-wide "Outage Information" web page.

After Clarify is upgraded, you MUST use the new 10.1 client to run Clarify. Many of you have already installed this, in preparation for our previous upgrade attempt. If you have not, we remind you (as previously announced) that there are several options:

  • Call the Help Desk, and arrange for USS staff to perform the installation for you. Native clients are available at this time for Windows 2000/NT, 95 and 98 systems. (Currently, Clarify does not fully support XP, so use the client there at your own risk.)

  • Use DoIT's WAF (Windows Access Facility) service, which has been updated to provide the Clarify 10.1 client. Anyone with WAF account access should be able to run Clarify without any other installation needed. (It's a must for Macintosh users, since Clarify has no Mac client.)

  • Though not recommended for everybody, you can attempt to install the native Clarify client yourself. The installation process has been simplified by packaging it through LANDesk software. It runs from the LANDESK website, and installs itself with minimal user involvement. Procedure instructions are available at and the client packages are available at By clicking on the appropriate item, you can "pull" a complete client installer and start the installation. Please print the instructions before installing the client!

    NOTE 1: Please use Internet Explorer when installing Clarify 10.1 with this procedure. Netscape has been found to have problems.
    NOTE 2: You do NOT need to have LANDesk on your machine in order to install Clarify this way.

Thanks again for your attention,

-- Victor Scherer