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Milwaukee Dial Pool - Cutover 4/12/02

Posted: 14:36:04, Friday, Apr 12, 2002   Expiration: 14:36:04, Friday, Apr 12, 2002  

The older analog pool at Milwaukee is having it's lines terminated today. Roughly 20-30 Pharmacy or Medical School faculty/staff/student users need to switch their number to 414 961-8871.

We've been running two concurrent modem pools at Milwaukee for several months. The older analog pool there is having it's lines terminated sometime today. There is a small subset of users (approx: 20-30) that were still dialing into the old pool.

This is important to keep segregated from the regular WiscWorld Dial Pool as the Milwaukee Dial Pool is being paid for by two schools for their faculty/staff/student use. There is no change being made in the regular WiscWorld Dial Pool.

The users for this pool should either be related to the Pharmacy or Medical School.

If we get complaints from users about not being able to connect to the modem pool and they didn't indicate that they were dialing into the Milwaukee Dial Pool, then we need to verify the number they were trying to dial.

The old lead number for that pool is: 414-229-2484. Some folks may actually have tried dialing any of the following as well:

If they have dialed any of the above then they need to change their number. The new phone number to use is: 414 961-8871.

If they have problems after that, then do the following:
  • Open a level 2 case.
  • Get their contact info: Name, Home Phone, Work Phone (if applicable), Email Address Department, School, or Division their major or work relationship is with (Med School, Pharmacy School, Family Medicine).
  • Make sure the Case Description has "Milwaukee Dial Pool" in it.
  • Assign it to the Campus Network Queue
  • Rusty or I will make sure on Monday that this case gets forwarded to the correct individual support person in the respective school.
  • OPTIONAL - If work is slow at the Help Desk - they can try to help the customer initialize with a 33.6 protocol only.
PLEASE NOTE: The new Milwaukee Dial Pool number is NOT for public dissemination.

-- Allen Monette

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