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Voice Mail - New voice mail system available beginning Monday, May 9

Posted: 10:02:59, Tuesday, May 3, 2011   Expiration: 10:02:59, Tuesday, May 17, 2011  

The existing voice mail system used at UW-Madison is being replaced with a new system. You should take the time before 4:00 PM on Friday, May 6 to ensure that you setup your new voice mailbox. If you do not do so, callers will be unable to leave you voice mail starting next week until you do setup your new voice mailbox.

Here are some frequently encountered issues you may want to note:

  • Even if you setup your new voice mailbox up this week, it won't actually be available until Monday, May 9 when the new system becomes available. Your existing voice mailbox will be available until the weekend of May 7 and 8, when the migration to the new system begins. See [Link for document 17364 is unavailable at this time.] for directions.

  • The new voice mail system has a new access number: 5-5500 (or 265-5500 if calling from off-campus). When setting up your new voice mailbox, you must use this number. Beginning Monday, May 9, you will use this number to access your voice mailbox.

  • If you used the Enabled Voice Mail (EVM) function of the old system to receive an email notification when you received a voice mail, you should note that this functionality exists in the new system but is not enabled by default. Refer to the Web PhoneManager Setup directions for info on how to enable this.

  • You won't be able to access the Web PhoneManager until you've setup your mailbox in the new system.

  • If you have saved messages in your current voice mailbox, they will NOT be migrated to the new voice mail service. Additionally, it is no longer possible to repeatedly archive/save messages as you could in the previous system. If you need to retain a copy of an important voice mail from the old system, you will need to use Enabled Voice Mail to save a local copy of the message. Refer to [Link for document 3612 is unavailable at this time.] and [Link for document 18104 is unavailable at this time.] for more information.

  • If you are calling from a phone number recognized by the Voice Mail system (e.g. your office phone) and attempting to access a different voice mailbox, you may need to press * then # to bring up a prompt to enter the correct seven-digit phone number.

  • If you have a shared mailbox, transfer mailbox, or some other more exotic form of voice mailbox, you should be contacted by Voice Services.

-- DoIT Help Desk

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