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Removal Guide: Fake Security Software on OSX

Posted: 07:29:58, Monday, May 9, 2011   Expiration: 07:29:58, Wednesday, Jun 15, 2011  

Mac Defender and Mac Protector are fake rogue anti-spyware programs on OSX. This is a removal guide for these two programs.

From BleepingComputer.com:

Mac Defender/Protector is a fake rogue anti-spyware program for the Mac OSX operating system. The infection is spread through the use of advertisements on web sites that pretend to be fake online scanners. When Mac Defender/Protector is installed on your computer it will also be added to your accounts Login Items so that the program is launched every time you login to your Mac. As there is no Dock icon for this application, it is also not easily closed and will instead require you to terminate its process through the Activity Monitor before you are able to remove the application from your computer.

To remove:

  1. Close out of the Mac Defender/Protector window
  2. Go to the Utilities folder
  3. Open the Activities Monitor and quit the process Mac Defender/Protector note: quit the program, do not force quit
  4. Go to the Applications folder
  5. Control-click on the Mac Defender/Protector folder
  6. Select Move to Trash
  7. Go to System Preferences -> Accounts
  8. Go to Login Items
  9. Select Mac Defender/Protector and click the minus sign to remove it

For screenshots of this process and what the malware looks like, go to BleepingComputer.com

-- DoIT HD Ops Team: Brian Harris

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