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ISIS now live in its new web environment

Posted: 07:46:38, Monday, Aug 5, 2002   Expiration: 19:00:00, Wednesday, Aug 7, 2002  

All aspects of the ISIS upgrade to a web environment have now been successfully completed. The ISIS system will be activated for all end users by 8 a.m. today.

All aspects of the ISIS upgrade to a web environment have now been successfully completed. The ISIS system will be activated for all end users by 8 a.m. today. At that time, you will have two methods of entry:

  1. Either go to the convenient log-on area at the top of the ISIS website at www.isis.wisc.edu and go directly to the sign-in page, allowing you to see any breaking news on the "way to work."

  2. OR, cut & paste or type in the following ISIS web address in the space at the top of your web browser, either Internet Explorer (IE) or Netscape:
There are no additional sign-in instructions this morning, except to remind you to use your regular ISIS username and password, typing both in ALL CAPS!

If you cannot gain access, call the DoIT Help Desk at 44357 (ext. 2). Use your "FAQ Roundup" and "V8 Troubleshooting" documents to deal with other possible problems. Copies of these documents are on the "Upgrade 8" page at www.isis.wisc.edu. The "V8 Basics" document also provides answers to browser and web navigational problems: http://www.isis.wisc.edu/trainingitems.asp?myID=1&mySort=SortAlpha

We expect acceptable performance (response time) this week, although initial speed may be slow due to internal web caching and setup procedures. Also, the traffic may be heavier than normal today because some may enter the system out of curiosity rather than immediate need. New hardware equipment, however, is expected to maintain reasonable speed.

We're asking you to help us out by reporting to the Help Desk any instance where your work processes are taking an inordinate amount of time. There are staff assigned specifically to monitor and investigate these issues. Also, your supervisor(s) need to know of any data/functional/navigation problems you might have. Thanks for your help!


The following items were reported by project leads during a quick "try out" period over the weekend:
  1. From Student Records (Jim Steele):
    "In using the UW Student Record page which is now located at 'Home > UW-Madison Applications > Student Information > Use > UW Transcript Student Table', the display on your screen may look scrunched up (formatting lost) when viewing it using an Internet Explorer browser (at least using 6.0 on a PC), but it displays fine using Netscape (using 4.77 on a PC). Both look fine when actually printed out on paper. This is an issue we are aware of and will resolve."

  2. From Medical School (Jane McGann)
    "Med School cannot run advisement reports."

  3. From Timetable (Shari Pero):
    "It looks like the Internet Explorer (IE) is better in general for ISIS on PCs for Timetable reps. Using the wrong browser can result in problems."

    (NOTE ON BROWSERS: If you find yourself having navigational or display problems, try a different browser. Netscape seems to work better for Mac users.)

  4. From Financial Aid (Mary Hillstrom):
    "This may be confusing to end users. When I go to do something in ISIS and it has timed out (after 30 min.), you get the message saying your user ID is invalid or you've typed in the wrong password. HOWEVER, IT TRULY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR ID AND PASSWORD, but rather with the timeout mechanism itself."

    (NOTE ON TIMEOUT: For most users, ISIS times out after 30 minutes of inactivity - SAVE CHANGES FREQUENTLY; if you're work is timed out, simply return to sign in.)

We will be keeping you abreast of reported problems and upgrade status on the ISIS website. Thanks again for your cooperation and patience!

-- Mike Roeder - ISIS Central

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