Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on Friday, Sep 30, 2011. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Adobe Connect - Intermittent Service Issue (Recurring)

Posted: 04:04:02, Friday, Sep 30, 2011   Expiration: 04:04:02, Friday, Oct 7, 2011  

Adobe Connect is experiencing intermittent slowdowns and connection issues. This is an issue with the Adobe Connect servers and may impact users of the service. (click on the news title for more information)

We are experiencing a number of issues with slow connections, errors indicating modem network speed, out of synch or severely delayed video in Adobe Connect.  

These issues have been reported to Adobe and they are investigating.  If you continue to experience issues of this nature please report them to the Help Desk.  Just call and provide your name, contact info, and information about the problem/behavior. We will pass that information on to Adobe to both illustrate the scope of the issue and help them with the ongoing investigation.

Identifying a cause of the persistent problem and ultimate remedy is of utmost importance. We will provide updates via this news item when we have more information.

We regret any inconveniences.

-- Adobe Connect Service Manager

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