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WiscList - WiscList Admin interface is now live

Posted: 09:36:47, Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012   Expiration: 09:36:47, Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012  

The WiscList team has been testing a beta version of the WiscList Admin interface for several months. As announced previously, the new WiscList Admin interface has been made the default interface for WiscList users as of January 10, 2012. Users should now go to https://admin.lists.wisc.edu to use the WiscList Admin interface.

Updated documentation for WiscList is available in the KnowledgeBase.

Following the upgrade to the new interface, some list admins may have received notifications about old messages that were pending approval by a list moderator. Admins can either disregard these notifications or approve/deny the messages.

-- UWHelpDesk: Sean Kinney

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