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Spring Term Enrollment Has Begun

Posted: 04:52:59, Tuesday, Jan 21, 2003   Expiration: 19:00:00, Sunday, Feb 9, 2003  

Please use the following information when support a caller with enrollment issues

If a student cannot access Web Enrollment through the My UW portal after repeated attempts, even if they are using an unsupported OS/browser, or

If a student is not recognized as student or staff in LDAP, i.e., POPI Date has a value, give them the following information:

  1. During business hours (7:45 – 4:30, M-F), contact the Registrar’s Office at 262-0920 for assistance.

  2. Use the direct URL https://www.ps1.doit.wisc.edu/EASI/cgi-bin/enroll-login.cgi (note the https:). The login to this website is campus id and pin. If the student does not remember his/her pin:

    • It can be found on the Invitation to Enroll every student received,
    • It can be changed by the student in My UW-Madison from the Change Pin module found in the Student Record tab (if the student has access to My UW-Madison)
    • It can be changed by an enrollment services representative at 262-0920 during business hours (7:45 – 4:30, M-F).

    The student can choose either or both options.  Let them choose how to proceed. Please refer the Web Enrollment Handling Information for further information.

    -- Ed Bennett

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