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ResNet summer support for conference attenders

Posted: 06:27:43, Tuesday, May 20, 2003   Expiration: 18:00:00, Friday, Jun 6, 2003  

This summer we will be providing Resnet support to conference attendants staying in dorms.

We do support Resnet during the summer and unlike previous years where we only supported certain dorms- this year we will support ANYONE calling from a Resnet dorm. There will be numerous conferences in many of the dorms this summer and as another new item for Resnet support we will be supporting all conference attendees also. These customers will not show up in clarify, but if they identify themselves as calling from a dorm - we should collect the standard resnet information (OS, Room, Hall, Enet card if available, and phone number/time to call). Then do basic connectivity troubleshooting (standard 10-15 minutes). Anything beyond that should be escalated to resnet per the normal escalation instructions.

-- Jeff Wiltzius

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