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WiscMail Administration Utility - "Something Went Wrong" Error Messages

Posted: 12:06:16, Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013   Expiration: 12:06:16, Saturday, Aug 31, 2013  

"Feature Not Authorized:" and/or "Something went wrong." error messages appear for users in the WiscMail Administration Utility (wiscmail.wisc.edu/admin).

These messages are not at all indicative of an actual problem. Due to constant work on the administration utility, these error messages may continue to present themselves to users but have no impact on the user's ability to use the administration utility as usual. Whenever presented with the error message users can simply click the "My Account" link at the top left of the page to access their account homepage and bypass the error.

An example of the workaround is pictured here.

This is a known issue that is already listed in Doc 11784, under "Known Issues for All Browsers".

If the HelpDesk receives cases regarding this bug, please only forward up cases if workaround is unsuccessful. Gather normal handling, specifically what browser customer is using and the exact steps customer takes to replicate the problem.

-- WiscMail: Mark Jenkins

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