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WiscVPN Version Rollback for Macs

Posted: 12:20:52, Thursday, Apr 18, 2013   Expiration: 12:20:52, Wednesday, May 1, 2013  

A planned upgrade to the Cisco AnyConnect client version used for WiscVPN has had to be rolled back for all machines running Mac OS X. These machines will continue to use the previous version of AnyConnect until the new version can be pushed out to all departmental Mac users.

Due to a failure of the automatic upgrade process, Mac users who lacked administrative rights to their departmental computers or did not have the latest version of Java Runtime Environment 6 were unable to successfully install and run Cisco AnyConnect version 3.0.

In order to address this issue, DoIT's Repair and Departmental Support division is planning to release the new client version as a package to be installed on all departmental Macs. Once this package has been pushed out, all Mac users will be able to connect to WiscVPN using Cisco AnyConnect version 3.0.

The update was successful for Windows, and Windows users should be able to install and connect using AnyConnect version 3.0.

-- Network Services

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