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DoIT Broadband Service Cut-off

Posted: 07:10:46, Monday, Jul 7, 2003   Expiration: 19:00:00, Sunday, Jul 13, 2003  

DoIT's Broadband services (DSL and Cable Modem) ended as of 6/30/2003. All services are scheduled for final termination the week of 7/7/2003.

DoIT's Broadband service reached its end-of-life on 6/30/2003. Final service cut-offs are scheduled as follows:

  • TDS Telecom (Midplains): The circuit will be removed 7/7/2003
  • TDS Metrocom: DHCP entries will be removed 7/7/2003. Customer modems may be active for several days, but they will be unable to obtain a new DHCP lease.
  • Charter Cable Modem (including BuckyBandwidth): Radius logins for Charter customers will be removed in the next day or so. We will probably shut down the service completely later this week.

-- Mike Dorl

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