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Resetting Cold Fusion service NTCycles 07-25-00

Posted: 17:10:28, Tuesday, Jul 25, 2000   Expiration: 17:10:28, Monday, Oct 2, 2000  

Help Desk staff now has acces to reset Cold Fusion service on NTCyle.

I have just set up SiteScope, our method of monitoring and performing maintenance functions on Production systems, to check the status and reset Cold Fusion Services on NTCycles. While staff are pursuing resolution of the problem, you can stop and restart the service when you know it has failed.

One can tell the Cold Fusion service has failed when after loading the page http://www.doit.wisc.edu/, and clicking on "Today's Events" one notices about a minute delay followed by an ODBC error.

To restart the Service:

Go to: http://ntinfo.doit.wisc.edu

Pick the Help Desk Interim Administration: NTCycles Cold Fusion Service Administration and provide the following info (case-sensitive):

Username: hd-admin
Password: help*desk

Click on Special Function.

There will be two items you can pick:

  1. Cold Fusion Application Monitor
  2. Reset the Cold Fusion Service on NTCycles

Use Refresh on the first to see if the Cold Fusion Service is "Running." Use Refresh on the second to run a script which will stop the service, pause, and restart the service. This process takes 30 seconds.

I hope this will work as an interim solution while technologists work on resolving the service issues.

-- Peter Kaufman

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