Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on Wednesday, Sep 3, 2003. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Resnet Network Status Update

Posted: 08:50:17, Wednesday, Sep 3, 2003   Expiration: 19:00:00, Monday, Dec 29, 2003  

In order to protect the network ResNet has taken the following steps

  1. No one on the ResNet network has their port shut off right now. All ports were turned on 9/4/03. ResNet is now under normal operating policy and will always contact a resident if their port needs to be shut off.

  2. As of 9/4/03 ResNet's smtp block has been modified to allow clients to sendmail via smtp.wiscmail.wisc.edu.

  3. Blocking of outbound icmp echo (ping) traffic is still blocked due to the Nachi worm. This only means that residents cannot ping outside ip's, however traceroute still works.

  4. Blocking of IRC traffic continues. ResNet has come to the conclusion that the negative affects that IRCbots have on their network far outweigh any legitimate uses that a small number of residents might have for IRC. ResNet is recommending more conventional means for chatting such as messenger, aim or icq.

Whenever any changes to the ResNet network are made, it will be posted on ResNet's network status page: http://www.housing.wisc.edu/resnet/networkStatus.html

-- Resnet

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