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Mainframe Migration Schedule (10/18-21/13)

Posted: 06:00:00, Monday, Oct 14, 2013   Expiration: 16:24:33, Monday, Oct 21, 2013  

The mainframe will be unavailable on Friday (10/18/13) while its services are moved from DoIT to DET (Division of Enterprise Technology). Testing will continue through the weekend with the goal of restoring full functionality by 6 AM on Monday (10/21/13).

Please be aware that mainframe services will be down all day on Friday (10/18) starting at 5:00am to allow migration from the DoIT platform to the DET mainframe.

The outage and the migration process is expected to take about 24 hours, followed by configuration work and testing. Services are expected to resume Saturday mid-morning (10/17) for customer validation testing.

By no later than 6am on Monday morning (10/21), we expect all services to be running normally again. Customers should not notice any difference in services after the migration is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. In the long term we expect that this move will make mainframe services more cost effective and reliable.

Scheduling details and status will be documented in the change record for this event, CR# 33121.

Thank you.

-- DoIT Mainframe service team

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