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WiscCal and Apple Calendar - Compatibility Issues with Mac OSX 10.9/Mavericks

Posted: 14:16:59, Wednesday, Oct 23, 2013   Expiration: 14:16:59, Saturday, Nov 30, 2013  

Apple Calendar in Mac OSX 10.9 (or, Mavericks) experiences issues responding to event invitations. When responding to an invitation, the event disappears from the user's calendar. After refreshing the calendar, the event appears once again but has not given a response.

Given the issue described above, Apple Calendar users who have upgraded to OSX 10.9 will need to perform all event responses in the WiscCal web client until a solution has been put in place. This is the first issue that has been reported for Apple Calendar in Mac OSX 10.9; other issues will be posted here as they are reported.

Update: User reports indicate that Apple Calendar is unable to delete events in OSX 10.9. Events deleted in Apple Calendar will simply re-appear a moment later.

-- WiscCal: Mark Jenkins

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