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Chrome v30.x and 31.x Have Problems Displaying iFrames

Posted: 11:31:56, Monday, Nov 25, 2013   Expiration: 11:31:56, Monday, Dec 16, 2013  

Versions 30.x and 31.x of Google Chrome have problems displaying content in iFrames. This is a problem with rendering and may be reported by Learn@UW customers having problems viewing embedded videos and reading items in the content area, frames displaying the question library, discussion topics and Mail.

This is a Chrome bug that is expected to be corrected with the release of Chrome version 32.

Options to suggest as a workaround:

  • With your mouse pointing to the blank space where the content is apparently missing, right click and select "Reload frame".

  • Alternatively, on screens where there is a visible frame divider, move the divider to restore a normal view.

  • Where there is no visible frame divider, grab the side of the entire browser window and make the window narrower until the content comes into view. You may then resize the window as desired.

  • Use a different browser.

-- DoIT Help Desk

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