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Witte Hall Cable/Data Service Updates

Posted: 04:59:14, Friday, Sep 12, 2003   Expiration: 19:00:00, Saturday, Sep 13, 2003  

Witte Hall service update: 1) cable television re-activation between Friday (9/12) and Saturday (9/13) morning, 2) data (Internet) re-activation between Friday (9/12)and Saturday (9/13) evening.

This is an update on the service interruptions affecting Witte Hall.

Cable service (e.g., television) which was disconnected on Thursday (09/11/03) will be re-activated between Friday morning (09/12/03) and Saturday morning (09/13/03).

Data fiber feeds (e.g., ResNet) will be disconnected on Friday (09/12/03), possibly as early as 7 AM, and re-established Friday evening or sometime on Saturday (09/13/03).

-- UW-Housing

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