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WiscCal - ShareURL and Scheduling Assistant issue logging in to Manage Resources - Updated

Posted: 16:07:51, Monday, Dec 2, 2013   Expiration: 16:07:51, Monday, Dec 9, 2013  

The ShareURL and Scheduling Assistant services are currently experiencing issues with the "Log in to Manage...for a WiscCal Resource" login page from the ShareURL/Scheduling Assistant homepages. The login form is currently unable to 'search' for resources or 'autofill' resource names.

Affected users report hitting the 'https://calendar.wisc.edu/share/delegateloginfailed.html' or 'https://calendar.wisc.edu/scheduling-assistant/delegateLoginFailed.html' webpages when attempting to login as a resource. To work around this issue, please enter the resource's display name exactly how it appears (case-sensitive) or use the resource's full email address to login via ShareURL or Scheduling Assistant. For example, a test resource with the display name "DOIT Tester" has a full email address of 'doit.tester@resources.wisc.edu'. When logging in as this resource, it is necessary to search for the resource as either "DOIT tester" (remember, case-sensitive) or by using the full emaill address (doit.tester@resources.wisc.edu. Some customers report that one or the other workarounds does not work for them. Please attempt both workarounds before submitting a case to the HelpDesk. A fix has been found for this issue but cannot be pushed out to users until Tuesday, 12/10/2013.

-- WiscCal: Mark Jenkins

Created: 04:16:45, Monday, Dec 2, 2013 (by Mark J.)
Updated: 16:20:31, Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013 (by Mark J.)