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ImageNow/WebNow Upgrade and Java Compatibility

Posted: 14:30:30, Thursday, Jan 2, 2014   Expiration: 14:30:30, Thursday, Jan 16, 2014  

The Imaging system's ImageNow and WebNow clients will be upgraded the weekend of January 3-4. The upgrade may leave users with older versions of Java installed unable to use the web client. Please read on for more information on the upgrade as well as possible workarounds for Java compatibility issues.


Users with the ImageNow desktop client installed will be automatically upgraded if the PEDS server is configured. If not, you are encouraged to manually upgrade to the new ImageNow client version, although it is not required.

Links and instructions for installing and configuring both the ImageNow client and the PEDS server can be found here: ECMS - Install and Configure Perceptive Content Desktop Client (Imaging)


While testing has indicated that Java versions as old as 6u22 may continue to function properly, the upgraded web client is only supported for users with Java 7u45 or newer installed on their machines. If you are running an older version of Java and experience issues with the WebNow client, there are two workarounds available:

Some departments have disabled the search feature for their instance of ImageNow/WebNow and instead rely on embedded links. Unfortunately, this means that users in these departments will be unable to navigate within the old client, regardless of which of the above workarounds is attempted. If this is the case, please notify your local ImageNow/WebNow administrators of the issue.

-- Imaging Team

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