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Desire2Learn(Learn@UW) 10.1 Known Issues

Posted: 11:26:21, Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014   Expiration: 11:26:21, Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014  

10.1 known issues

Below are issues that have been identified specifically in version 10.1. 
This is a short list, to see the full list please refer to: http://upgrade.learnuw.wisc.edu/known-issues
The vendor is actively working to resolve these issues.

Gradebook Text item
The information entered into a Text grade item does not display for students unless the "Show Grade Scheme Symbol" checkbox is selected in the "Org Unit Display Options".

Release Conditions
A number of courses lost release conditions on content items after the upgrade. It's unknown how many courses have been affected; the issue doesn't appear to be widespread. As a precaution, it is suggested that course owners check to ensure all of the release conditions in their courses still exist and are set properly. If they do not seem to be set properly, or are no longer there, they will need to be reset.

Slow load times for integrated tools
Tools integrated with D2L such as Piazza and i>Clicker are taking over 20 seconds to load. D2L is investigating the cause of the issue.

-- Learn@UW Mad: Theresa Ballweg

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