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Resnet Outage over Winter Break

Posted: 05:50:10, Tuesday, Jan 6, 2004   Expiration: 19:00:00, Friday, Jan 9, 2004  

Resnet will have a scheduled outage to reallocate entire Resnet IP space

Scheduled outage during winter break - There will be a major scheduled outage of the ResNet network from 1/6 to 1/9/04, while we reallocate the ResNet IP address space. ResNet switches will go offline on Tue. morning 1/6/04 and various Housing buildings will be down until Fri. 1/9/04. During this period, residence hall rooms will have no campus network or Internet access. We will work to bring Ogg, Rust/Schreiner, Susan Davis, Merit and the International Learning Communities in Adams back on line as soon as possible. Other Housing buildings, which will be unoccupied over winter break, will be brought on line throughout the week. Here is the tentative time line:

Tue. 1/6 - ResNet taken off line at 7:30am
Tue. 1/6 - Packetshaper, DNS/DHCP servers, Ogg Hall & Grad Halls on line by 4:30pm
Wed. 1/7 - Adams Hall & short course halls on line by noon, Kronshage, CBS, & Tripp on line by 4:30pm
Thu. 1/8 - Chadbourne, Elizabeth Waters & Slichter Halls on line by 4:30pm
Fri. 1/9 - Witte & Sellery Halls on line by 4:30pm

Residents who purchased a static ip address from us will be notified by email the week of 12/15/03 as to what your new static ip address/mask/gateway will be when you return from winter break. Your personalized host name will not be affected.


-- Kurt Fritsch - Resnet Coordinator

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