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Campus Network - CSSC Router's Network Card Failed Causing Campus Network Outage

Posted: 05:47:29, Friday, Jan 9, 2004   Expiration: 19:00:00, Friday, Jan 9, 2004  

The Network Outages that affected campus during the day and early evening have been resolved as of 10:00 pm (1/9/03). Please click this link for more details on the outage.

Around 10:25a, the primary network card in the CSSC router failed causing multiple LANs across campus to lose their connection to other networks and the internet. Some LANs on the campus network did fall over to the secondary card in the router, but not all of the LANs. Campus network engineers are working on the problem now, but do not have an expected time to have it resolved. As of 10:00 pm this evening (1/9/03), the network has become stable, if you have any further network issues please contact the DoIT Help Desk at 608-264-HELP.

-- DoIT Help Desk

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