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DoIT LAN Maintenance

Posted: 02:29:38, Tuesday, Apr 6, 2004   Expiration: 19:00:00, Tuesday, Apr 6, 2004

DoIT LAN will undergo some maintenance on 04/06 from 18:00-20:00.

(non DoIT-LAN users may ignore)

LAN access WILL NOT BE IMPEDED.  LAN users will still be able to do  
work during this period (file and print, etc.).  However, it is  
recommended to save open files right before 6pm and again right before  
7 pm.

Windows users may experience a 10-15 second delay in accessing  
resources @ 6pm, and again @ 7pm.

MAC users need only reconnect according to the instructions on the Help  
Desk web site at


-- Victor Simpson Ponelis

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