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New Clarify setup & contacts db for SFS support

Posted: 2001-02-08 10:58:54   Expiration: 2001-02-08 10:58:54

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2001-02-08 10:58:54. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

New contacts has been added in Clarify for SFS support. When creating new cases for SFS problems, you should now select the Contact Name which is associated with the Clarify siteID "SFS$support".

As of February 7, I've added a new contacts database in Clarify for SFS product support. When creating a new case for customers calling in an SFS problem, you should now select the Contact Name which is associated with the Clarify siteID "SFS$support".

NOTE: "SFS" stands for "Shared Financial System", used by UW System Administration and associated System schools.

The supported SFS products have been in the Clarify product list for quite a long time, so the only change required now is in the selection of the proper contact name. From this point on, please do NOT enter a "ZZZ" contact name.

In addition, to emphasize the fact that this support extends to specified contacts at various campuses in the UW System, I've created a slightly new "feel" in Clarify for the initial contact selection when you create a case :

For an SFS contact at the various campuses, you'll see the First Name, Last Name, Phone, SiteID displayed as usual. However, in addition, you'll see the contact's UW System campus affiliation in parentheses after the Last Name. For example : "(UW-Whitewater)"

Since receiving the contact names sourcelist a couple of weeks ago, I found some errors, and there have been some personnel changes as well. I've double-checked the entries, and personally called the contacts to try to verify the accuracy of info such as phone numbers and E-mail addresses.

If you encounter system problems with SFS cases, please let me know. If you have procedural questions, check with your Team Lead. General procedural issues will be handled as usual by Wanjiru Pontes, escalation questions by Jeff WIltzius. Wei-Zhong and members of his team will be entering this info on our internal pages as appropriate.

-- Victor Scherer