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Kaltura Screen Recorder Incompatibility

Posted: 08:01:35, Tuesday, Sep 15, 2015   Expiration: 17:00:00, Thursday, Dec 31, 2015  

The new version of the Chrome browser and Microsoft’s recent release of the Edge browser do not support Java plugins. Due to this recent change, Kaltura distributed a communication to inform their clients that the Kaltura Screen Recorder (KSR) will not be supported in the following browsers due to the Java dependency:

  • * Google Chrome; Version 45 & up
  • * Microsoft Edge; All Versions

Customers are advised to use one of the following browsers to avoid the loss of KSR functionality:

  • * Firefox
  • * Safari
  • * Internet Explorer

The vendor is actively working on a solution for their customers. We will share more information as it becomes available.

-- Kaltura Service Management

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