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Google ending support for web hosting using Google Drive

Posted: 15:00:51, Friday, Dec 11, 2015   Expiration: 13:39:51, Friday, Dec 18, 2015  

Google has announced they will no longer support hosting websites from Google Drive. Support for this feature will stop on August 31, 2016. In light of this change we would like to point to you to other web hosting offerings in DoIT.

  • DoIT Web Hosting  

    • The Bronze tier provides 5GB quota and no scripting (i.e., static content); HTML-only for free. This should provide a similar service to what hosting on Google Drive was providing.

  • WiscWeb CMS

    • WiscWeb CMS is a web content management service that enables you to easily deliver an engaging online experience for students, potential students, parents, faculty, staff, and interested visitors.  WiscWeb CMS provides website authoring, collaboration and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage the site’s content with relative ease.

  • Google Sites

  • Blogger

    • Blogger is a Google service that is also included with UW–Madison Google Apps.  However, it is not covered under the terms that UW signed with Google.  Support from DoIT might also be limited.  However, if all you need is a basic blog style of website, and the data is all public information, Blogger may be a good choice.

  • Departmental Solutions

    • Many departments offer web hosting services using tools like WordPress or Drupal.  Check with the IT staff in your department to see if they offer solutions that you may be able to use.

-- UW Google Apps: Shawn Cannon

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